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Improving the Quality of Life for Australians with Disabilities: Our Ongoing Plan

Of course, no plan can cover unforeseen circumstances, and almost every plan will undergo some changes over time. You might not be happy about how the plan is going. Your personal circumstances might change. Or a large-scale social event (think Covid-19 and lockdown) might force everybody to make some extensive changes. This will be accommodated as required. We ask that you keep us informed.

General Practice - NDIS Plan Manager Sydney

Usually, we aim for a 36-month plan. This generally works if:

  • Your disability requirements are fairly stable

  • You have a generally good idea of what you need.

  • You have strong informal support and living arrangements.

  • Employment and study situations are stable.

A young adult or middle-aged person in a wheelchair will have a good idea of what they need. This should include wheelchair access to their home, and some transportation for employment or education. This requirement will not change for several years. By contrast, an elderly person in a wheelchair may have additional needs; they may have difficulty bathing, or their partner may have passed on. These additional needs often increase with age. The initial 36-month plan should look after an individual up to and including middle age. An addition, perhaps ongoing plan, will be needed as they approach retirement age.

Shorter Plans - NDIS Plan Manager Sydney

We can arrange a short plan in some circumstances. This might be because:

  • This individual is younger than 7.

  • Your disability grows worst over time, so your requirements increase.

  • Your situation is classified as an impairment rather than a disability, and early intervention prevents future complications.

  • Your situation, say education, will change in the next year or two. You may need the changes before school ends.

  • You don't have family or friends able to support you.

  • You need very high support.

  • There is a health risk that needs fairly quick attention.

  • Your possessions and/or money are open to theft, and you need security measures.

Seeking NDIS Plan Managers?

We work closely with each individual to provide ongoing plans that cater to their specific needs and circumstances. Get in touch today.

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