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Digital Devices and Diability

Technology and the NDIS Provider

We are lucky to live with so much modern technology. It is not too hard to understand that a person with a disability can benefit greatly with some technological assistance.

The NDIS provider can help arrange and fund technology that offers a legitimate benefit to patients. This does not mean buying game machines or entertainment. But it can mean using computers for teleconference communication, or transport assistance, powered wheelchairs, or anything that helps you do things that you cannot usually or easily do because of your disability. It can also provide technology that keep you safe.

The assistive technology must:

  • Be the right item for your needs. It must relate to your disability.

  • Be safe and meet Australian safety guidelines.

  • Will help you on a daily basis

  • Will work in all the places where it is needed.

We will look at:

  • The least expensive option that provides the function, services you need.

  • How long will the Assistive technology remain useful.

  • Is renting the item a better option the purchasing the item.

  • Will maintenance or repairs be a consideration.

It is possible to purchase a more advanced model of the technology you need, above the basic model, of you pay the extra cost with your own money.

There may be an option to modify an existing item to suit your disability. For example, furniture might be modified, or house lighting might be automated. Computers might be fitted with speech recognition software for those who cannot type.

There are three expense categories:

  • Low-cost assistive technology: under $1500 per item

  • Mid-cost assistive technology: between $1500 and $5000 per item.

  • High-cost assistive technology: in excess of $5000 per item (requiring a quote)

High-cost items will require an individual assessment and a quote to make sure it is the right solution for you. This includes prosthetics, custom or powered wheelchairs, or breathing devices. Mid-cost items need some written evidence, including a cost estimate, to make sure the items are useful and appropriate.

NDIS Registered Provider

Technology can help those with a disability to have a better quality of life. We help find the right device, and provide financial support.

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