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About Subcategories for NDIS home modification

Part of the NDIS program is setting up a home to better accommodate the person with the disability. This means home modifications that are usually custom designed for the specific situation. The specific home is modified to suit the disability of the individual who lives there. Knowing what other individuals with similar disabilities have done to their home in the past can be helpful when considering changes.

NDIS Home Modification for Minor Changes

Minor modifications will cost less than $20,000, and will not alter the structural parts of the home.

There are two subcategories here

  • Category A will cost less than $10,000, with only minor modifications.

  • Category B will cost over $10,000, and may replace a tiled bathroom floor, widen an internal doorway that is not structurally supporting a wall, or a similar home modification.

An individual may find that their disability is:

  • A safety concern around the home

  • Causing difficult showering

  • Preventing access to come rooms

  • Making it difficult for others to help you.

  • Preventing you from achieving goals.

NDIS Home Modification for Complex Changes

These are changes over $20,000. Modification of this expense will require a qualified occupational therapist to certify the need and effectiveness of the intended changes.

A project manager might be required for a high rick, high-cost modification. This manager must be independent of any builders employed to complete the work.

In some cases the NDIS will provide funds for renting while the home modifications are being completed.

Looking for NDIS home modification providers?

Individuals with a disability may require modification to their home. This can often be accommodated with the right approval. For further assistance call our office and make a booking for an consult with an expert.

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